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Event Flowers

Event Flowers | Dianthus Miami Inc. - Miami, FL

The designers at Dianthus Miami Inc. offer a colorful assortment of event flowers for every special occasion in the Miami, FL area. We want all of your...

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Cruise Ship Flowers

Cruise Ship Flowers | Dianthus Miami Inc. - Miami, FL

Cruise ships from all over the world take advantage of the cruise ship flowers offered by Dianthus Miami Inc. Providing flowers to over 30 ships on a...

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Funeral Arrangements

Funeral Arrangements | Dianthus Miami Inc. - Miami, FL,FL

It is always difficult to lose a loved one. Your friends at Dianthus Miami Inc. want to make things as easy as possible for you during this period of...

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Welcome To Dianthus Miami Inc.

Flowers have lavishly adorned parties and events for many years. It can be hard to remember that flowers are not just pretty decorations, meant to be placed briefly on the mantle and then thrown into the trash bin the next day.

Flowers pull an entire room together. Their beauty exudes an aura of harmony and peace; no one who looks at a beautifully arrange bouquet can walk away feeling ill-tempered. Flower have brought smiles to people’s faces for decades.

Dianthus Miami Inc. wants to bring this joy to anyone living in the Miami, FL community. Flowers are our life, and so we make sure to provide our customers with the best floral arrangements on the market.

Flowers are our Dutch Passion. We enable all of our customers to experience that unique European touch with all of our arrangements. With materials regularly imported from Holland and Europe, our team is ready for any of your special requests.

We provide for a wide range of occasions, including funerals, weddings, and much more. Cruise ships are our particular specialty. For over three decades, we have offered the loveliest assortment of blossoms to domestic and international cruise lines.

Our event flowers are always fresh and vibrant. Our friendly can even assist you in arranging. If you are a person who likes to arrange your flowers alone, then we will simply deliver them to you in a smooth and efficient manner, leaving you to arrange your flowers as you wish.

We provide both loose flower arrangements and bouquets.Our flowers are artificial or mummified, according to your personal taste. We even offer Dutch ceramics. We love to help our clients get exactly what they want, so never be afraid to ask us for assistance.

Don’t wait any longer; obtain the perfect floral arrangement right away! Get in touch with Dianthus Miami Inc.!

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